RCMS Research Chair in Meat Safety

Boubendir Selmane

Study of Salmonella contamination of broiler carcasses at different stages of the slaughter process and in the environment of two slaughterhouses in Quebec

In Canada, Salmonella is the most commonly reported bacterium during episodes of human foodborne illness. All foods may be contaminated with Salmonella, but meat products in general, and poultry in specifically, are most often associated with these toxi-infections. For humans, the infection is manifested by several symptoms, mainly diarrhea. Several studies have shown the importance and role of slaughters and processing establishments in the spread of the pathogen. However, no systematic study to understand the distribution and sources of Salmonella contamination using molecular characterization technologies has been realized in Canadian slaughter and processing plants. The aims of my project are to generate new knowledge, using molecular characterization techniques, on the distribution, prevalence and sources of contamination of the meat product by Salmonella in two poultry slaughter plans in Québec, Canada.

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Masters in veterinary science,
animal health and food safety

Supervisor: Sylvain Quessy

Co-supervisors: Marie-Lou Gaucher and Julie Arsenault

Academic Background : DMV, Algeria (2015)

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