RCMS Research Chair in Meat Safety

Pig-Salmonella experimental infection model

Development of new food strategies to improve intestinal health, immune system defense functions and growth performance in piglets

Director : Martin Lessard, Agriculture et Agri-Food Canada (Lennoxville)


The project aim is to determine the influence in replacing plasma proteins and antibiotics used in weaning feeds for piglets, by a natural cocktail of functional ingredients including bovine colostrum, an extract of cranberry, essential oils, products derived from yeast and a supplement of vitamins and minerals enriched with organic and vitamins A, D and B complex, on:

    1. The nutritional status and performance of pigs weaned;
    2. The regulation of systemic inflammatory intestinal reactions of weaned pigs
    3. The integrity of intestinal mucosa and activity of digestive enzymes
    4. The intestinal bacterial populations
    5. The innate immune response in relationship with intestinal microbiota changes
    6. The immune response of piglets after Salmonella infection

As an expert in infectiology, the RCMS collaborates and carry out Salmonella infection tests under controlled conditions, within the level 2 animal facility platform of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at St- Hyacinthe.

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