RCMS Research Chair in Meat Safety

Farm-slaughterhouse contamination sources

Use of molecular characterization, systemic and geomatics analysis tools of stakeholders for identification of major vectors and sources of contamination by bacteria and viral indicators at farm and slaughterhouse levels.

Director: Dr. Ann Letellier


Identify vectors and sources of microbial contamination between swine herds and slaughterhouse using geomatic, genomic and systemic tools.

Specific objectives

  1. Select a geographical region, covering slaughterhouse, transport network (stakeholders) and ten farms. Proceed by identifying the relationship between the stakeholders.
  2. Develop sampling protocol and methods for Salmonella, E. coli and virus indicators
  3. Collect spatio-temporal data using devices installed in different machineries and stakeholder equipment at ten farms connected to the slaughterhouse in order to produce geostatistical analyzes
  4. Perform periodic sampling to isolate and characterize micro-organism indicators in a spatio-temporal manner. PCR and gene probes will be used to identify virulence factors of specific bacterial indicators. Molecular approaches will be used to establish the degree of relatedness between virus and bacteria isolates at different stages of food chain process. By means of genetic fingerprints of selected microorganisms, relationships will be established between people displacement/vectors and all other useful information collected concerning stakeholders. All interdependencies between stakeholders will be studied in order to better understand the existent situation, and focus on interventions related to the real impact of contamination by micro-organisms in a “from farm to table” approach.
  5. Geostatistical analysis of combined data will be cross referenced by microbiological data and macroscopic elements such as ground topology and transportation routes as well as people and equipment movement. Advanced geomatics monitoring techniques will sustain the presentation and results sharing.

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Gabriel Desmarais, maîtrise, 2015, directeur Philippe Fravalo, codirecteur John Fairbrother

Alexandra-Elayiz HENRY, maîtrise, 2014, directeur Philippe Fravalo, codirectrices Ann Letellier et Sylvette Laurent-Lewandowski

Virginie Lachapelle, maîtrise, 2013, directeur Yvan L’Homme, codirectrices Julie Brassard et Ann Letellier


Scientific partners

ACIA, John Fairbrother, Université de Sherbrooke, B. side U