RCMS Research Chair in Meat Safety

Langlais Mélodie

Development of an in vitro model simulating pig gut conditions to test efficacy of potential candidate molecules for the gut microbiota modulation

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Masters in veterinary science, animal health and food safety option

Supervisor: Philippe Fravalo

Co-supervisor: Ann Letellier

Academic Background : Bachelor's degree in biochemistry, and molecular medicine



  • 2017 : Best poster at ANCC conference, Quebec, Canada

Scientific publications:

Scientific articles

Published abstracts (conference proceedings)


  • Langlais M., A.Thibodeau, A. Letellier, K. Sary, P. Fravalo. Decrease of Minimal Inhibitory Concentration of Essential Oils and Plant Extract in Presence of Complex Microbiota. Animal nutrition conference of Canada (ANCC). 2017 May 10-11. Hilton, Quebec city, Canada.
  • Langlais M., A.Thibodeau, A. Letellier, K. Sary, P. Fravalo. Minimal inhibitory concentration of essential oils and plant extracts modulation in presence of complex microbiota. Franco-Canadian Symposium on Natural Antimicrobials : Food, Medical and Veterinary Applications (ANTIMIC). CRIBIQ. 2017 June 21-23. Hotel Plaza, Quebec, Canada.