RCMS Research Chair in Meat Safety

Corinne Lafrance-Girard

Characterization of the risk associated with Toxoplasma in beef, pig and sheep in Quebec

"You are a veterinarian, you must be an animal freak!", I was often told. Indeed, the animal kingdom is a real fascination to me, but I also deeply respect and esteem the human race. Our complex interaction with nature particularly interests me. Some pathogens transmitted from animals to humans are well known and monitored, while other remains mysterious. Among these, Toxoplasma gondii, a microscopic, secretive, yet redoubtable parasite, seems to give a hard time to anyone trying to observe it in the wild. In Canada, we know very little about the presence of this parasite in our food. I am working to characterize the risk of human toxoplasmosis acquired by meat consumption in Canada. My main motivation remains the quest for global health on our beautiful planet, and I have the chance to occupy a unique position to contribute.
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Masters in veterinary science,
animal health and food safety

Supervisor: Sylvain Quessy

Co-supervisors: Julie Arsenault and Manon Racicot

Academic Background : veterinary medicine diploma (2014)



  • 2016 : Bourse d’excellence d'études supérieures de la Cité de la biotechnologie agroalimentaire, vétérinaire et agroenvironnementale de Saint-Hyacinthe
  • 2015 : Bourse de mobilité de la Maison Internationale pour un court séjour de recherche à l’étranger
  • 2015 : Bourse d’excellence J.A de Sève, concours des bourses d’excellence de la FESP
  • 2014 : Bourse d’excellence d’admission à la maîtrise

Scientific publications:

Scientific articles

    Published abstracts (conference proceedings)

    • Lafrance-Girard C., M. Opsteegh, A. Thibodeau, J. Arsenault, S. Quessy. Detection and quantification of DNA from Toxoplasma gondii in pork, beef and lamb meat at retail in Canada using magnetic capture DNA extraction and qPCR. 16th Annual Quebec Molecular Parasitology Symposium - CHPI (Center for Host-Parasite Interactions). Université McGill,  Montréal. 6-7 juin 2016.