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NSERC – Judicious use of antimicrobials agents in swine

Judicious use of antimicrobials agents in swine

Context of the study : the exact portrait of drug prescription, more particularly the antimicrobial drugs, is not well documented in Canada. Thus, it is crucial to determine the picture og antimicrobial agents uses and document on scientific basesthe impact of their use in pigs, mainly regarding the “non-approved” also called “off-label” use of antimicrobials on efficacity and antimicrobial resistance.

Research proposal : The proposed approach will first determine the current portrait of antimicrobial prescription in Quebec swine herds, and then compare the obtained profile with those reported by other Canadian provinces. For that reason, the quebec database will be compared with the rest of Canadian provinces through the CQATM program. Afterward, the research will involve a few “off-label” antimicrobials among the most commonly used. It will focus on defining the most suitable pharmaco-therapeutic regime for the treatment of the targeted disease, (zootechnical performance and disease control), while being at low risk to leave residue in meat, and generate the emergence of bacterial antibiotics resistance (among E. coli and Enterococcus in swine intestinal flora, as well as on pathogenic bacteria targets (ex: Salmonella)).

More fundamental aspect of this project, particularly by in vitro studies, will seek to provide additional knowledge for a better understanding of phenomena involved in the acquisition and transfer of antimicrobial resistance.

This program will have four objectives :

  1. prepare and list the current portrait of veterinary drug prescriptions in Quebec and Canada;
  2. assess the impact of various non-approved therapeutic practices on the presence of residue in pork meat and define the effectiveness of the treatment,
  3. verify the impact of these practices on the emergence and transfer of bacterial antimicrobial resistance, finally
  4. offer an accompanying service to veterinarian prescribers for their choice of non-approved therapeutic practices.

Students :

William Thériault, master (2015), supervisor, Ann Letellier, cosupervisors Marie Archambault and Sylvette L.-Lewandowski


Mohamed RHOUMA, PhD, supervisor Ann Letellier, cosupervisors Francis Beaudry and Sylvette Laurent-Lewandovski