RCMS Research Chair in Meat Safety



Founded in 1999 by Dr Sylvain Quessy, dmv
Member of the food industry
Nomination of Dr Ann Letellier as a Chair holder in 2005
Holding an industrial research chair since 2010


The mission of the RCMS Research Chair in Meat Safety is to provide support to industrial by research activities based on diverse chemical, physical and biological hazards, and more particularly on food-borne pathogens.

The RCMS does fundamental and applied research on meat hygiene in order to help industry to:

  • respond to specific requirements
  • maintain and get a better position in domestic and worldwide markets
  • ensure the safety of meat products offered to consumers

Research axes

  1. Surveillance and prevalence of different food-borne pathogens (virulence factors and antimicrobial resistance of different micro-organisms)
  2. Development of control strategies to reduce food-borne pathogens “from farm to table”: a global approach for food safety
  3. Risk management and development / validation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) approach