RCMS Research Chair in Meat Safety


Dr. Ann Letellier pursues the mandate of the Research Chair in Meat Safety (RCMS) as a chair holder with the support of her team: Dr. Sylvain Quessy, full professor and vice-dean for research & graduate studies, Dr. Philippe Fravalo, researcher & professor, as well as a team of veterinarians, research technicians, post-docs, graduate students and trainees.

Collaboration with many specialists in public health and other researchers from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine turn the RCMS to a multi-disciplinary center of expertise with both a nationally and internationally renowned reputation.

The RCMS team is teaching hygiene and food safety at the university, particularly for undergraduate students in food safety and technology certificate program: FSTC

RCMS governance

Ann Letellier
   Sylvain Quessy      Philippe Fravalo
Office 1101-1

450 773-8521 #8640

Office 1101-5

450 773-8521 #8398

Office 1101-11

450 773-8521 #0064



Sophie Lachambre sophie.lachambre@umontreal.ca
Accounting and administrative management of research projects as well as technical and scientific support
Office : 1101-04
Telephone: (450) 773-8521 Ext. 8193, Fax : (450) 778-8128

Christine Fravalo christine.fravalo@umontreal.ca
Office 1102-12C
Telephone: (450) 773-8521

Technical team

Marie-Lou Gaucher marie-lou.gaucher@umontreal.ca
Bureau 1101-6
Telephone: (450) 773-8521 Ext.0097

Cécile Ferrouillet cecile.ferrouillet@umontreal.caResearch officer
Bureau 1101-9
Telephone: (450) 773-8521 Ext. 0090

William Thériault william.p.theriault@umontreal.ca
Research officer
Bureau 1102-12b
Telephone: (450) 773-8521 Ext. 28679

Sylvette L.-Lewandowski sylvette.laurent-lewandowski@umontreal.ca
Research officer
Telephone: (450) 773-8521 Ext. 8518

Nicole Trottier nicole.trottier@umontreal.ca
Bureau 1102-12c
Telephone: (450) 773-8521 Ext. 16569