RCMS Research Chair in Meat Safety

Turcotte catherine

Caracterisation of the intestinal microbiota on broiler chicken in regards to chicken health and public health

The use of antibiotics in human medicine, veterinary medicine and agriculture is a subject of great importance because of the antimicrobial resistance. An urgent need to reduce the use of antibiotics has led to the development of several plans at the international and national levels. In Canadian poultry industry, there is little data available on the effects of these strategies. This study will be one of the first to measure the impacts on faecal flora of broilers and the diversity of genes for antibiotic resistance in conventional and drug-free program. Results from molecular biology approaches will guide the Canadian poultry industry about the use of antibiotics.

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Masters in veterinary science,
animal health and food safety

Supervisor: Marie-Lou Gaucher

Co-supervisors: Sylvain Quessy, Philippe Fravalo, Alexandre Thibodeau, Marie Archambault, Edward Topp

Academic Background : VMD, Université de Montréal (2011)

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