Éric Troncy


  • Professor (coordinates)
  • Director of Animal pharmacology research group of Quebec (GREPAQ)
  • Regular researcher affiliated to the Research Centre of the University of Montreal Hospital Centre (CRCHUM)
  • Adjunct professor, Department of Anaesthesiology of the Faculty of Medicine of theUniversité de Montréal

Professionnal expertise

  • Pharmacology of analgesics and anaesthetics
  • Metrology of animal pain
  • Psychometric measurements
  • Animal behaviours
  • Physiological measurements
  • Functional evaluations
  • Kinetics, kinematics
  • Neuro-physiological evaluations
  • Neuro-imaging
  • EEG, Neurogenomics
  • Neuroproteomics
  • Neurocognition

Research interests

  • Pain and osteoarthritis
  • Acute surgical pain
  • Pain killer herbal therapy
  • Development of new analgesics

Research focuses on the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis in animals and its functional repercussions. Using experimental models, new therapeutic strategies are investigated in vitro, ex-vivo, and in vivo. Using spontaneous osteoarthritis models in dogs and cats, new therapeutic strategies are confirmed in vivo. We are looking for the application of these strategies to the animal market or its transfer to human disease.

Collaboration with the researchers of the RC-CHUM’s Osteoarthritis research unit :

  • Linking functional evaluations (kinetics – ground force reactions; kinematics –motion; accelerometrics) to structural damages, quantified with biomedical imaging (MRI, X-rays), histology, biochemistry, and molecular biology.
  • Optimization of neurophysiologic methods for correlating the degree of nociception stimulation to neurogenomic, neuroproteomic, and neurocognitive changes linked to the animal’s condition.
  • Validation of animal pain assessment methods


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