Space technology for public health actions in the context of climate change adaptation

In the framework of the Canadian Public Health Association 2011 Conference

June 19-21, 2011
Montréal, QC, Canada

This workshop aims to foster cross-disciplinary initiatives in these areas and promote functional integration with all organizations with a mandate to promote population health around the world. This will be the latest of a series of such activities co-organized by the UN Action Team 6 and held in various parts of the world over the past three years on the theme of space technology and health. This Montreal workshop is particularly important for the desire to engage the North-American public health community and articulate this important theme within key climate change initiatives at the provincial, national and international level.

Workshop Objectives:

To put forward the latest research, programs, approaches and policies that capitalize on innovative partnerships to deal with satellite technology, climate change and public health.

To provide networking and knowledge opportunities for those with an interest in new surveillance and risk assessment methods aimed to better address health conditions arising from a fast changing environment. This will be of particular interest to those who do research, those who design or implement policy, and those who advocate and act across a wide range of disciplines for improving public health in a "One health" framework.

Photos Courtesy of NASA