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Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network

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The Mastitis Pathogen Culture Collection, Years of Enjoyment!

The Mastitis Pathogen Culture Collection (MPCC) is in a way the memory of the CBMRN. It keeps frozen all mastitis pathogens isolated from the National Cohort of Dairy Farms cow’s quarters and bulk tank milk. Around 17,000 isolates have been conserved in the culture collection to date.
When mastitis was observed on Cohort’s cow, milk sample was taken from the sick quarter and sent to one of the four Network mastitis laboratories to identify the mastitis causal bacteria. After identification, the laboratory handled and sent the bacterial isolate to the MPCC, located at the Faculté de médecine vétérinaire at Saint-Hyacinthe, following standardized procedures. To obtain these bacteria, Network researchers must address a detailed request for receiving the ones they need for their research project. Each identified bacterium is associated with specific data such as cow, quarter and herd identification, number of calving, lactation status and somatic cell count. All that information is computerized in the Network data bank as well as the Cohort cow’s DNA which extent mastitis research horizons.
This collection represents a valuable resource for novel research initiatives and collaborations. Approaches are made to the scientific community to encourage non Network researchers, both in country and abroad, to collaborate with the MPCC.

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