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«Managing Milk Quality» - Three Illustrated Reference Guides
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1) Less Mastitis, Better Milk by Pierre Lévesque
2004. 96 p.
ISBN :0-932147-43-7
2) Profitable Milking: Step-by-Step to Milk Quality by Pierre Lévesque
2003. 58 p.
ISBN : 2-551-20451-8.
Profitable Milking DVD or video also available
3) The milking machine by Pierre Lévesque
2005. 95 p. (Includes CD with over 30 video clips).
ISBN : 2-551-22762-3
Current Concepts of Bovine Mastitis
The National Mastitis Council. Fourth Edition. 1996. 64 p. www.nmconline.org.
Laboratory handbook on bovine mastitis
The National Mastitis Council. 1999. 222 p. www.nmconline.org.
Mastitis Control in Dairy Herds - 2nd Edition
An Illustrated and Practical Guide. 2010. By Roger Blowey and Peter Edmondson. 272 p.
CAB International, Oxfordshire, OX10 8DE. United Kingdom
ISBN-13: 978 1 84593 550 4  www.cabi.org.
Microbiological Procedures for the Diagnosis of Bovine Udder Infection and Determination of Milk Quality
The National Mastitis Council. Fourth Edition. 2004. 47 p. www.nmconline.org.
Udder Health
A practical guide to first-rate udder health. Cow Signals®
By Jan Hulsen, Vetvice and Theo Lam, UGCN. December 2007. 52 p.
For sale at www.roodbont.com. Price: € 17.90.
ISBN : 978-90-8740-014-9


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