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Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network

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Welcome to the CBMQRN!

The Canadian Bovine Mastitis and Milk Quality Research Network was created in 2001 by dairy producers wishing to develop a national mastitis research network. Today, the Network has grown to include about forty Canadian researchers, from various backgrounds and specializations, working in universities and research centres across the country (figure 1). Their common goal is to find solutions to reduce mastitis in dairy herds. In Canada, total losses linked to this important disease are estimated at over $400 million per year.

Research and Operations

What Is Mastitis?
Mastitis is an inflammation of the internal tissue of the mammary gland, caused mainly by the introduction of bacteria. It is the most common disease found in dairy cows and also the primary cause for the use of antibiotics in these animals. Mastitis causes significant economic losses to the dairy industry: production losses, discarded milk unfit for human consumption, yield losses during the processing of milk into various products, cost of veterinary treatments, early culling and mortality of the affected animals.
Consult the Network organization chart and the research program to know more about the structure and the activities.

As you have likely noticed, the Network also oversees a website that has a variety of mastitis-related information. Moreover research activities, we also create various pedagogical and veterinary tools for our users. With the help of our researchers and students, we contribute articles to publications specializing in dairy production based on our research results or on other pertinent mastitis-related information. As well, we encourage you to take a moment to subscribe to Mastitis-Flash, our monthly e-newsletter, which has information for dairy producers, veterinarians and other stakeholders in the dairy industry.
Students Affairs
All logos and other information that can be used to design scientific posters and other documents are in the Member Access section of our website. You will also find there the CBMQRN’s Acknowledgment Policy for scientific publications. To access these pages, please contact Josée Labrie to be assigned a user name and password.
The CBMQRN also operates an important database, which you may access depending on your research topic. The database is also accessed with a user name and password; please contact  Josée Labrie.
Various student grants are also available; for most, applications can be made when the competitions are announced. Keep an eye out for our emails! Grants are listed under “CBMQRN Grants”. Make sure that  Josée Labrie has your email address on file. 

Annual Scientific Meeting and Training Workshops

Each year, the CBMQRN organizes a scientific meeting, at which each researcher presents his or her work-in-progress. This important networking event is open to all our researchers and students. This meeting includes two activities specially geared to our students: a poster session and a training workshop. Other workshops may also be scheduled throughout the year as opportunities arise.


Member Access
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