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Scientific Congress Participation Grant

CBMRN Grants

Scientific Congress Participation Grant

Four participation grants of 1,000$ to a scientific congress will be given for 2011-2012 to encourage CBMRN students to present their research results to this type of event. The objective is to increase students’ national and international networking in order to lead to opportunities for new collaborations and acquisition of new skills. Travel, hotel and other expenses will be covered to a maximum
of 1,000$ following reception of original receipts.
  • Only applications to attend scientific congress are eligible
  • Student must present its CBMRN research results
To Apply:
The student must submit a request that documents the following (1 page maximum):
  • Name, location and date of the congress
  • Potential contacts and interactions that will occur at the meeting
  • Type of presentation (poster or oral)
  • How participation in the meeting is expected to contribute to your scientific and career objectives
Application must be received by 2011 May 16th and should be signed by the student and his/her supervisor. All applications will be evaluated by the Training Committee.
After the Meeting: 
The student must submit a 1 page report no latter than 1 month after the last day of the meeting.  The report will include the following information:
  • Name, location and date of the meeting
  • Highlights of the meeting
  • Interactions realized and expected outcomes
A maximum of two awards will be made for participation at the same congress, and a maximum of one award per year will be made to the same laboratory.  The grant has to be used before March 31st 2012.
Please send your application to the Network Manager and contact her for additional information:
Josée Labrie
Phone: (450) 773-8521, #8619

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