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Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network

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Our Research Program  I  The Dairy Research Cluster

Our Research Program

Mastitis is an inflammation of the internal tissue of the mammary gland, caused mainly by the introduction of bacteria. It is the most common disease found in dairy cows and also the primary cause for the use of antibiotics in these animals. Mastitis causes significant economic losses to the dairy industry: production losses, discarded milk unfit for human consumption, yield losses during the processing of milk into various products, cost of veterinary treatments, early culling and mortality of the affected animals. In Canada, total losses are evaluated at more than four million dollars per year, or about 15 percent of the industry’s total net revenue. It is for these reasons that Canadian dairy farmers were motivated to put into place the Canadian Bovine Mastitis and Milk Quality Research Network (CBMQRN).
CBMQRN’s research program is built upon three research themes:
Increase cows capacity to resist and destroy invading pathogens.
Aim to improve resistance through management, genetic selection, and enhancement of the immune system.
• Vaccine development
• New alternatives for modifying the immune response
• Selective treatment strategies
Demystify pathogens to implement the best curative and preventive practices against mastitis and develop technologies to control the disease.
• Characterization of pathogen virulence
• Validation of diagnostic methods
• Innovative treatments
Enhance the ability of dairy producers and their veterinarians to implement the most appropriate strategies and take the best decisions to fight against
intramammary infections.
• Optimization of housing systems
• Measures of economic and sociological impact of mastitis

The Network’s research activities are conducted in several universities and research centres across Canada.

The Mastitis Pathogen Culture Collection.


The Dairy Research Cluster

The Dairy Research Cluster is a product of the Canadian Agri-Science Clusters Initiative that falls under Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's "Growing Forward" initiative. This Cluster is managed by Dairy Farmers of Canada and benefits from the financial support of the Canadian Dairy Commission and the Canadian Dairy Network.
This Cluster's research program is focused on two main themes:
  1. Research into the health benefits associated with milk and dairy products;
  2. Environmental protection guidelines through applying sustainable development principles related to climate change and to the efficiency and longevity of dairy cattle through animal health and welfare. 

Thanks to $ 1.7 million in new funding from this Dairy Research Cluster, the CBMQRN is continuing its mastitis research, by leading eleven new projects until December 2017.


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