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Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network

Our Research 

Knowledge Transfer

Transfer is defined as a means to bridge the gap between CBMQRN research and users.  It is the process through which we maximize the dissemination of knowledge and technologies that our scientists develop by making them available for use by dairy industry as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Annik L'Espérance at the 2015 WCDS in Red Deer (AB) 

A Communication Network

At CBMQRN, all means are employed to meet the information needs of our users: dairy producers, veterinarians, advisors, training educators and everyone else interested in issues pertaining to udder health.  Several strategies and transfer channels are used such as:

  • The Mastitis Column published in the magazine The Milk Producer;
  • The illustrated factsheets;
  • The videos;
  • The Newspaper: What's New in the World of Mastitis Research?;
  • Our Website: www.mastitisnetwork.org; Tool Box and Our Tools sections
  • The information stand;
  • The Mastitis-Flash that has more than 1,500 subscribers;
  • The Veterinary Kit TACTIC Udder Health;
  • Workshops and conferences;
  • And much more!


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