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Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network

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Thousand of Cows in the Service of Research

To increase efficiency, the CBMRN has created a Core Research Platform which facilitates data collection of dairy herds and transfers information to Network researchers. This unique platform has three components: the National Cohort of Dairy Farms (NCDF), a Mastitis Laboratory Network, and a Mastitis Pathogen Culture Collection. In 2006, 91 farms in six provinces were enrolled for two years to form the NCDF. It consists of around 9,000 cows. To assure the coordination of activities among cohort farms, four regional centres have been established at the Universities of Calgary, Guelph (Kemptville), Montreal (Saint-Hyacinthe), and Prince Edward Island.

Uniform protocols among regional centres are used for milk sample collection from cows with clinical mastitis, healthy cows, dry cows, and fresh cows.  Each sample is accompanied by farm and cow information such as parity, udder condition, herd management, type of housing, and certainly, pathogens that causes mastitis. A DNA sample from arounf 700 cows has also been catalogued. Additionally, data from dairy herd improvement organizations (CanWest DHI and Valacta) were also added. So, this huge compilation of information provides CBMRN researchers with the necessary information for the realization of their research goals.

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