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Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network

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Laboratories just for Mastitis!
With the establishment of the Mastitis Laboratory Network, current and future mastitis research will be easier to organize and implement due to the presence of four diagnostic laboratories on the Canadian territory. They are strategically distributed on the Canadian territory: Maritime Quality Milk at the University of Prince Edward Island, the laboratory of the University of Saskatchewan, the Faculté de médecine vétérinaire of the Université de Montréal at Saint-Hyacinthe, and the last one, established during summer 2008, at the University of Calgary. These laboratories, which will be CBMRN’s legacy, will become a durable resource for Canadian mastitis research.
These diagnostic laboratories have developed and applied standard operating procedures for identifying bacterial pathogens in milk samples. The goal aimed is to assure CBMRN scientists of uniform data from every laboratory. In the frame of the CBMRN research program, those laboratories have received and cultured almost 137,000 milk samples from the NCDF - 91 farms distributed across 6 Canadian provinces.  They have also identify and record the bacterial pathogens in those samples, and send isolated bacteria to the Mastitis Pathogens Culture Collection. After analysis, the milk sample records are submitted to the four regional coordinating centres for the report culture results to participating farms and their veterinarians. Those results are compiled into the Network database. 

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